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MotilityLab is an on-line community resource for performing quantitative and statistical analyses of cell tracks, as acquired by intravital two-photon or confocal microscopy.

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No installation is required to use MotilityLab. You just need a modern web browser. We recommend Firefox or Google Chrome. WebGL is needed for 3D visualization functionality. Click here to find out whether your browser supports WebGL (older versions of Internet Explorer don't).

The MotilityLab R Package

Much of the functionality of the MotilityLab website, and some additional functionality, is also available as an R package, which is being developed at github. You can install the package using the following R command:


Citing MotilityLab

If you use MotilityLab in your research, please consider supporting us by citing the following paper, which describes the CelltrackR package:

Inge M N Wortel, Katharina Dannenberg, Jeffrey C Berry, Mark J Miller, Johannes Textor:
CelltrackR: an R package for fast and flexible analysis of immune cell migration data.
Immunoinformatics, 2021. doi: 10.1016/j.immuno.2021.100003


MotilityLab is developed by an international group.

In Vivo Imaging Core Group (Miller Lab)
Washington University, St Louis (MO), USA

Computational Immunology group
Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

MotilityLab is maintained by Johannes Textor. If you encounter any problems or have feature requests, please contact him.